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Replacement Ribbons for Kirsten

Replacement Ribbons for Kirsten

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These ribbons are very close replicas of the original Ribbons for Kirsten set by Pleasant Company / American Girl. Colors are:

• 2x Blue - Kirsten's Meet Outfit
• 2Navy - Kirsten's School Dress
• 2x Red - Kirsten's St. Lucia Dress
• 2x Cream - Kirsten's Work Dress
• 2x Floral - Kirsten's Winter Outfit

Not recommended for use with wet or damp hair. The ribbons are very close matches to the originals. We worked really hard to find someone who could make ribbons for us that were as close of a match as possible. While there are some subtle differences to the originals, this is by far the closest matching replicas we've seen.

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