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Vintage American Girl

SUPER RARE First Edition Kirsten Nightgown

SUPER RARE First Edition Kirsten Nightgown

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This is one of the hardest to find Pleasant Company outfits. This nightgown is from the very first batch ever made in 1986. It was made by Götz in W. Germany (not, in China). In my experience, this is probably the 2nd hardest to find version of a Pleasant Company outfit (next to Molly's W. German-made pajamas).

The paper tag is still intact. I suspect that this was very lightly played with, but I would consider it collector quality. This version has a very thin piece of yarn compared to the ones made in China. The ends of the yarn on the first version have a tapered look (they're not torn). I've seen a couple others and they're just like this. There may be some ever-so-slight yellowing from age.

This is my duplicate from my personal collection that I've held onto for years. 

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